Unjust Steward Parable —2019 Sept 1 message

The steward, who was losing his position, asked himself, “What shall I do now.”. . . He dreams up a cunning scheme. . . . Then the master commended the dishonest steward for his prudence. Why was the unjust steward commended? God wants His dearly loved children to completely trust in the mercy of God for their salvation, like this dishonest steward.

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Photo of feet in a large bowl and hands washing them with the words, "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me."

Lordship Key to Faith (pt.1) — 2019 Jan 13

Jesus is not position conscious, of who’s the boss, who’s in charge. Where am I on the ladder, in the picking, on the team? We are empowered to: acknowledge that God is Lord of all, place God first in our life, understand that when we acknowledge the Lordship of God, we accept our own responsibility and accountability.

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Drawing of Jesus' hand touching a hand that is covered with sores and the words "Jesus Heals the Leper." -Matt 8:2

Who do You Say I Am? —2019 Jan 6

It is doing the will of the Father that matters, not the words we profess. Actions are louder than words. ‘I want to know what love is.’  And one may, with their lips, loudly profess their faith in God and even invoke Jesus as their Savior, yet deny him by thoughts, words and deeds. 

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