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Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

Pastor: Reverend Kenneth L. Williamson

Messages are organized by series as well as dates. Audio mp3 files that may be downloaded or streamed.


church with the words "Christmas Eve Service"



What’s the Big Deal about Christmas?






God’s Gift to the WorldChristmas tree ornaments with bright colors and words on each one: Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, and the words "Advent Sermon Series"

(4-part series)


A Gift Worth Giving   —30 Nov 2014

A Gift Worth Waiting For   —7 Dec 2014

A Gift Worth Receiving   —14 Dec 2014

A Gift Worth Understanding   —21 Dec 2014



Luv Lessons

Drawing of a pastor holding up a bible from the pulpit and the words "Pastor's Luv Series"


4-part sermon series —Rev. Kenneth L. Williamson

Luv Lesson #1     —19 Oct 2014

Luv Lesson #2     —9 Nov 2014

Luv Lesson #3     —16 Nov 2014

Luv Lesson #4     —23 Nov 2014




Bible on brown background with the words "Discouragement Sermon Series"

Dealing with Discouragement

—Rev. Kenneth L. Williamson



Feeling like you are Going Downhill? (part 1)     —5 Oct 2014

Feeling Like You are Going Downhill (part 2)     —12 Oct 2014




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