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Mt. Olive Luther­an Church

Pas­tor: Rev­erend Ken­neth L. Williamson

Mes­sages are orga­nized by series as well as dates. Audio mp3 files that may be down­loaded or streamed.

Church in snowy weather with the words "Christmas Eve Service">

What’s the Big Deal about Christmas?

God’s Gift to the WorldChristmas tree ornaments with bright colors and words on each one: Hope, Joy, Love, Peace, and the words "Advent Sermon Series"

(4-part series)

A Gift Worth Giv­ing   —30 Nov 2014

A Gift Worth Wait­ing For   —7 Dec 2014

A Gift Worth Receiv­ing   —14 Dec 2014

A Gift Worth Under­stand­ing   —21 Dec 2014

Luv Lessons

Drawing of a pastor holding up a bible from the pulpit and the words "Pastor's Luv Series"

4-part ser­mon series —Rev. Ken­neth L. Williamson

Luv Lesson #1     —19 Oct 2014
Luv Lesson #2     —9 Nov 2014
Luv Lesson #3     —16 Nov 2014
Luv Lesson #4     —23 Nov 2014

Bible on brown background with the words "Discouragement Sermon Series"

Dealing with Discouragement

—Rev. Ken­neth L. Williamson

Feel­ing like you are Going Down­hill? (part 1)     —5 Oct 2014

Feel­ing Like You are Going Down­hill (part 2)     —12 Oct 2014

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