Painting of Jesus with his hand lifted up talking to a crowd, the Sermon on the Mount.

I Just Want to be Happy —message from 2019 Feb 17

We are enlightened to expect God to meet my needs, or our needs. We are not to expect our spouse or our boyfriend or our girlfriend or work or a hobby or a sport to meet all of our needs. If we expect somebody or something to meet all of our needs, we are going to be disappointed. God said, “Expect Me to meet all of your needs. Trust Me.”

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Photo of a tree in a part with the words "What is twisted cannot be straightened, and what is lacking cannot be counted. -Ecclesiastes 1:15"

What’s the Point? —2019 Feb 10

King Solomon who wrote Ecclesiastes was a seeker on a quest for the meaning and purpose of life. Have you tried to straighten out something that is crooked? Have you tried to straighten out a relationship that just refuses to be straightened out? Have you tried to solve a problem that you just couldn’t figure out? Have you tried to change somebody or a circumstance but you just couldn’t do it?

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Photo of a red barn and silo in dilapidated condition with the words "The Parable of the Rich Fool."

A Wise Steward — 2019 Feb 3

‘Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life.’ . . . Worry does not distinguish between people. It works on the rich, the middle class, and the poor.  Jesus is basically saying there are two types of people. those who worry and those who don’t. And one of these days I want to be like the ones who don’t.” 

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Photo of feet in a large bowl and hands washing them with the words, "Unless I wash you, you have no part with me."

Lordship Key to Faith (pt.1) — 2019 Jan 13

Jesus is not position conscious, of who’s the boss, who’s in charge. Where am I on the ladder, in the picking, on the team? We are empowered to: acknowledge that God is Lord of all, place God first in our life, understand that when we acknowledge the Lordship of God, we accept our own responsibility and accountability.

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Drawing of Jesus' hand touching a hand that is covered with sores and the words "Jesus Heals the Leper." -Matt 8:2

Who do You Say I Am? —2019 Jan 6

It is doing the will of the Father that matters, not the words we profess. Actions are louder than words. ‘I want to know what love is.’  And one may, with their lips, loudly profess their faith in God and even invoke Jesus as their Savior, yet deny him by thoughts, words and deeds. 

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