All Saints: Whats it about?—2018 Nov 4

Silhouettes of people and the words All Saints' Day"
You are listening to:All Saints: Whats it about?—2018 Nov 4
The sun over the sea with the words "Commemoration of the Faithfully Departed"All Saints Day:

What is it all about?

Four saints from the Bible standing in a group and each holding a symbol that identifies him and the words "For All the Saints."


“The empty spots you see here in the pews will be filled with the loved ones who used to sit beside us. . .  .” —Pastor Ken


—2018 Nov 4, All Saints Sunday Silhouettes of 5 people with halos in a circle and the words All Saints' Day"

Photo portrait of Kenneth L. Williamson wearing glassed, gray jacket and white pastor's collar.
Rev. Kenneth L. Williamson

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