Can You Hear It? —2017 Dec 24 PM

A hand held up to an ear with the words "Can You Hear It?"

Can You Hear It? A hand held up to an ear with the words "Can You Hear It?"

Woman in a white robe holding a lighted candle with both hands and the words "Candlelight Service"

“There’s a buzz in the air. Maybe you can feel it. As one Christmas song says, ‘In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas.’ It permeates everything tonight, everything! This is a time of year when nostalgia, tradition run deep and nobody wants to be a Scrooge . . . “

—2017 Dec 24

Photo portrait of Kenneth L. Williamson
Rev. Kenneth L. Williamson

Note: Pastor Ken presented this message to an overflow crowd in the sanctuary at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church on the evening of Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017 during the 6:00 PM Candlelight worship service.

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