Unjust Steward Parable —2019 Sept 1 message

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The Parables of Jesus   —series

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The Parable of the Unjust Steward

Based upon Luke 16:1-8

2019 Sept. 1, part 5 of the series on The Parables of Jesus

What did Jesus’ listeners expect the steward to do? 

Four things:

1st Response, ‘Beloved Master, I have served you. My father served your father.’ 

2nd ‘This really isn’t my fault.’

3rd ‘Bring in these liars who tell you I am stealing.’ 

4th He could send his influential friends to visit the master and plead his case. . . . He dreams up a cunning scheme.” . . .

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“I’m not strong enough to dig and I’m ashamed to beg. . . .”

Why is the steward commended? God wants His dearly loved children to completely trust in the mercy of God for their salvation, like this dishonest steward. . . . —Pastor Ken

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2019-09-01 Unjust Steward

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Rev. Kenneth L. Williamson
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