Summer Nights at Mt Olive

What is it?

4 Nights of family fun for all ages! Come for one night or all the nights. It’s free!

No drop-offs… this is an event geared for the whole family to enjoy together. Bring your cousins, grandparents, neighbors, or friends. But all kids under 18 must be accompanied by an adult!

When is it?

Monday, July 25 – Thursday, July 28        6pm – 8pm

What can I expect when I show up?
  • All children under 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult!
  • We’ll have a time to meet & greet each other
  • Then we worship!
  • One of our leaders will do a Bible Study… every night is a new format, but all nights will be suitable for ages 1 to 101!
  • Half the group will go outside for games & activities in the field. The other half will stay inside for a family make-and-take. Then we’ll switch!
  • We’ll rejoin for snack and a time of prayer to end the evening
Why not just do a regular daytime VBS?

Lots of reasons!

We wanted an event to invite FAMILIES to, not just their kids. In the past, VBS has been a time of drop-offs, without a lot of interaction between the church and the neighbors. We want to change that!

Our gift is hospitality. We want our neighbors to come meet us, see how welcoming we are, and (most importantly) how much we love Jesus and keep Him at the center of all our work and play!

Most of our volunteers work, so doing a daytime VBS is hard to staff. We want everyone in our church to be able to attend. We also have to consider the Childcare Center on site during the day too.

We’ve also spent a lot of time apart during the pandemic. This is a way to spend time as a church family: laughing, worshiping, praying, and working together to build disciples for the Kingdom.

Summer Nights: The Tree of Life is God’s Gift of Salvation!

Theme: We are all a part of God’s family tree, from the very beginning of time until the last days!

Day 1: Creation – God created us and a home for us.

Day 2: Abraham – God promises to create a great big family out of His people!

Day 3: David & Goliath – God can use everyone in His family… no matter how big or small!

Day 4: Jesus is Baptized – God invites everyone to His family through faith in Jesus and baptism.

We hope to see you and all your friends & neighbors at Mt Olive’s Summer Nights!

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