The Call Process

We at Mount Olive Lutheran Church are on a  faithful journey to find out next pastor.

Along the way, there are many steps we have to take: Some will require us to act. Some will require us to be patient. All will require us to listen and respond to God’s will for this congregation.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to any member of the Call Committee.

Check back for regular updates, meeting minutes, and actions steps.

Week of May 15th

Meeting Notes: Brian Rafferty (Call Committee Chair), Mike Closner (Ministry Council President) and Mike Livingston (Head Elder) will finalize packet and submit everything to the NW District.

Next Steps: Now we wait for a list of potential pastoral candidates from the NW District. This could take several weeks or months. We pray for patience and faithfulness while we await a response from the Synod.

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Meeting Notes: Call committee met to create a cover letter for our Congregational Packet. We wanted to briefly describe our congregation and summarize our packet for a prospective pastor.

Next Steps: Nominees are being gathered from congregation.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Meeting Notes: Call committee met briefly to discuss the results of the survey. We also reviewed with Pastor Griesse the steps of the call process and set a rough timeline for completing our packet and turning in information to the NW District. A letter will be emailed/mailed to the congregation with the results, a request for nominees, and a reminder about the steps of the call process. We will also host a short meeting after worship on Sunday, April 24th at 10:20 in the Fellowship Hall to go over these points.

Next Steps: Complete the self-study packet by May 8th and turn it into the NW District. After that, we wait for the NW District to provide us a list of names and biographies of pastors who fit our profile and are willing to take a call. It could take several weeks or months to receive this list.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Get your email address to Darcy Closner ASAP! We have a survey we’d like you to fill out. We’ll be at the Soup Supper on Wednesday with hard copies of the survey. Look for any one of your Call Committee members if you have questions or need help with the survey.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Meeting Notes:

  • Reviewed Answers for Part 2 of the Congregational Self Survey: Our Community
  • Began answering two big questions: What is the working relationship between a pastor and the laity at Mt. Olive? How do we at Mt. Olive define our congregation overall: Thriving, Treading Water, or Legacy? These questions will be fully answered after survey results are compiled.
  • Reviewed/Edited a Congregational Survey to be completed by Mt. Olive attendees
  • Set a timeline for getting surveys to the congregation, inputting data, and getting data compiled in order to complete the Congregational Self Survey

Next Steps:

  • March 13-Collect accurate emails from as many congregants as possible; urge congregation to submit names of pastors they would like to be considered for a call
  • March 14 through 27 (including Wednesdays) – email surveys/pass out hard copies and begin collecting data or inputting survey results from hard copies.

Next Meeting: TBD, After survey is completed we will set a date in early April to complete the Congregational Self-Survey.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Meeting Notes:

  • Began reviewing the Congregational Demographic Data compiled by Darcy Closner and Brian Rafferty for the Congregational Self-Study. This includes things like attendance, changes in membership, and a brief description of our leadership structure. Once data is finalized, it will be available to the congregation to view.
  • Identified questions that will need to be on the Congregational Survey

Next Steps: Create a survey for the congregation, using documents from the NW District and other area congregations. Review the work done on the Congregational Survey so far and bring any additional information to add.

Next Meeting: Sunday, March 6, 2022 @ 11:15am

Sunday, February 20, 2022
Call Committee (L-R): Mike L, Colette, Tim, Mike C, Becca, Brian, Diana, Cheri

Meet your Committee Members and ministries they represent:

  • Diana Brown – Sunday School/Education
  • Mike Closner – Ministry Council
  • Pat Hunter – Preschool/Childcare
  • Mike Livingston – Elder
  • Colette Keeton – Fellowship
  • Becca Mailand – Digital Communication
  • Brian Rafferty – Committee Chair, Ministry Council
  • Tim Wheeler – Elder
  • Cheri Zirkle – Outreach

Meeting Notes:

  • Reviewed the call process and passed out Congregational Study Packet
  • Discussed prior Vision Survey from 2021 and how that may help complete portions of the Study Packet
  • Mike C, Brian R, and Darcy Closner will compile as much demographic info as possible before our next meeting to narrow down the scope of the Congregational Survey

Next Steps: Review all information from the NW District and begin to prepare a survey for the congregation based on the Congregational Study Packet

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 27, 2022 @ 7:30am



Nominate a Pastor for Consideration
LC-MS/NW District Call Process Documents

Click HERE to review the “Guidelines for Assisting a Vacant Congregation”

Click HERE to review the “Call Process Checklist”

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